Enjoyable mileage & vehicle expense tracking

You chose to go into sales...not accounting.  HUSTLEBOX is a wireless vehicle-telematic device that becomes your lovable personal assistant for tracking expenses. 

Phone at home? It doesn't matter.

HUSTLEBOX uses cellular networks to transmit your car's data instead of battery-hogging systems that use bluetooth.


Tag your trips! HUSTLEBOX lets you hashtag trips and get mileage summaries for each tag. Imagine tagging clients, your various companies, or just things for fun.

Sexy Output

HUSTLEBOX generates beautiful Excel spreadsheets and reports, organized on individual tabbed worksheets for each of your businesses.  

Hustle What?

Your car is talking to you. It's saying "hey, I noticed you just this business or personal?". Hustlebox is a software platform for your connected-car that lets you track and annotate your trips like a pro. It's the easiest and most accurate solution available today. With Hustlebox, you'll recieve SMS notifications asking if your trip was "Business" or "Personal". Click the link in the SMS to annotate the purpose. At any time, download a tabbed Excel spreadsheet of your trips. Summarize mileage for any topic using #hashtags in your summary - think about it, you can see all trips related to #networking or #volunteering. Hustlebox connects to Google Calendar to help you correlate your trips to your activities throughout the week.

Husltebox Tagging Applications


Hustlebox is powered by in-car devices that plug into your on-board diagnostics (OBD2) port. It's tucked up under your dash near your knees - all cars since 1996 have these. This lets the device know when YOUR car is started, stopped and many other things like diagnostic error codes. The cool-kids are calling this a "connected-car" while grumpy old guys still call this "vehicle or fleet telematics".

Regardless what you call it, your car needs to connect to our cloud service to take advantage of our awesome offerings. We currently support Automatic and our own Hustlebox-branded device. For a comparison, see our Automatic site

SUpport for Automatic

#tag your trips

While HUSTLEBOX can provide insights into your vehicle, it's designed around you - the driver. We make it fun and incredibly useful to tag various driving activities. Tag clients, activities, or whatever you want in each trip. Use these tags to recall previous trips and mileage summaries for reimbursement and IRS deductions. This is great for people who bill clients, or want to see how many miles are spent doing certain activities. The possibilities are endless.


Monitor your Personal Fleet

Get a birds-eye view of all your vehicles with beautiful, full-screen maps with live updating, statuses, and more. Great for anyone who manages more than one vehicle - whether it's a service company dispatch or the father of a 17-year-old driver.


We could throw all sorts of statistics about unreported miles and tell you that HUSTLEBOX will pay for itself, but let’s face it, you hate these mundane accounting processes.   Whether you're a business owner or a sales-ninja, having a HUSTLEBOX is like having a personal assistant in the car with you (but without having to pay for their lunch).

So only takes 80 miles of business driving each month to pay for itself.



HUSTLEBOX LETS YOU STAY IN THE ZONE - no need to think about accounting while knocking down the doors of your customers. IT ALSO DOESN'T REQUIRE A BATTERY-KILLING BLUETOOTH connection to your phone - it uses cellular networks to capture your vehicle’s mileage and trip details.  With over-the-air software updates,  your HUSTLEBOX never needs to be replaced to take advantage of new features and services.




HUSTLEBOX is like the perfect personal assistant. If it needs to know something, it will send a gentle request (SMS or email) asking you to clarify.  Chatty or decide.  Opt-in to receive an SMS after each trip, an email each evening, or a single email at the end of each week.



HUSTLEBOX produces beautiful Excel spreadsheets - not just CSVs, but 100% real Excel files with beautiful formatting, and individual sheets for each tag, and vehicle.


Tracking miles is just the beginning. We'll continue to add features over time to your HUSTLEBOX to make it even more useful. Stay tuned.... you're gonna love it!

Plans & Pricing

Our apologies...We've currently suspended sales of the Hustlebox device and service.